Naughty Toes


Naughty Toes

Naughty Toes
Illustrated by Teresa Murfin
Published by Oxford University Press UK, tiger tales US

Trixie and Belinda are sisters, but they couldn't be more different.

Belinda is a born ballerina and the star of Madame Mina's dance class.  As far as Madame Mina is concerned, Trixie just has 'naughty toes'.  Only the class pianist, Mr. Tiempo, has spotted Trixie's talents.  With his help, Trixie finds a way to reach her dreams.

A story about having the confidence to shine - there should be a little bit of Trixie in all of us!



"A refreshing take on the need to follow one's own heart - or feet."  - Kirkus Reviews

"Those who march (or dance) to the beat of their own drummer should take heart in this story about a girl with a mind of her own."  - Publisher's Weekly 

US hardcover edition, September 2011 (ISBN: 9781589251038)
US paperback edition, September 2011 (ISBN: 9781589254305)
UK hardcover edition, April 2011 (ISBN: 9780192728517)
UK paperback edition, April 2011 (ISBN: 9780192728524)
Co-editions also available in Canada (French language), Portugal, Brazil, Poland, and Holland

I was inspired to write Naughty Toes by my editor's story of her childhood ballet teacher, who used the phrase ‘naughty toes’.  I loved that!  I drew on my experiences from years of dance classes that I took as a girl.  I was probably somewhere between Belinda and Trixie--I was not quite a disaster, but I was not terribly graceful either.  No matter what, I loved to dance, and I still do!

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