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Pockets Christmas Hard Cover

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Pockets Christmas Wish


author Ann Bonwill

illustrator Russell Julian

Oxford University Press UK, B.E.S. Publishing

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Hardcover ‏/Paperback : ‎ 32 pages

US hardcover edition ISBN: 9780764163524


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Pocket is a little rabbit who wishes - from his whiskers to his bunny feet - that he might know the meaning of Christmas.

When he hops out of his burrow on Christmas morning, Pocket finds some footprints left by children who have been playing in the snow.  He follows the footprints all the way to a cozy cottage and it is there, on the doorstep, that Pocket's Christmas wish comes true. 

A book to fill hearts with festive cheer.



"Pocket, a brown bunny, searches for the true meaning of Christmas by following the footprints that lead from a snow angel. Along the way, he experiences the love of his rabbit family, the joy of song from trilling birds and the gift of giving by sharing his carrot with a hungry mouse. So many stories about the pleasures of giving sail right over the heads of little ones, but this gentle tale by Ann Bonwill seasons its message with lyrical language and concrete examples. Illustrator Russell Julian captures the vast beauty of the snowy landscape through which the small hero hip-hoppingly quests. Perfect for a cuddly holiday storytime."—Washington Parent


"We meet the adorable bunny Pocket who is eager to find the real meaning of Christmas.  His wonder-filled journey of discovery captures the season at its best and provides little ones with their first gentle lesson on the joys of giving."—Lancashire Evening Post 

When writing Pocket’s Christmas Wish, I wanted to convey my own sense of the meaning of Christmas.  For me it is not about presents and commercialism, but about a feeling--a spirit of the season.  This spirit is hard to capture on paper, but I do think that it contains love, joy, memory, promise, and comfort, just as Pocket discovers on his journey.  And it is about giving--not just gifts, but giving of yourself to others, which hopefully continues all year round. 


Pocket from Pocket's Christmas Wish
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